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THIS IS HOW MODERN COW MILK WAS MADE What happened right, was little Timmy, age 9 went outside to his farm in the late 1700 to jerk of to the cows because as he said '' uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. cows r sexy when the feed milk to their young ''. So one day on his 2649 days out of 10,000 day's of fapping without missing a day since all the cool kids were doing the challenge back then he wondered what it would feel like to BECOME THE CALF. So he went over to the cow, and just by looking at it Timmy knew the cow was like ''U wanna go m8?!?!?!?'' but Timmy didn't really care as long as he could get his 2649th fap over and done with. He went over to the calf, picked it up and threw it in a ditch. As he approached the cow, he went on his knees,bent over and took a little sip of the cows milk....''UH GROSS IT TASTE'S OF %$?@:@@$£"£%@:@@''. With that his parents ran outside to investigate the screams from their son. With a surprised look they saw him attemting to drink milk while his dick and balls where popping out of his pants. ''WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING SON?!?!?!? '' They asked him. ''It's not what it looks like'' Little Timmy said. When Timmy got out of his state of shock he ran away...away from his home forever....while his dick was still out of his pant's. Timmy went through harsh places like the Forest while trying to survive. The only food source he had were the sewers or wild animals milk. For many years Timmy relised that he looks way younger than he should. His only explanation was.........THE MILK!!!!!. The milk from hundred of different wild animals kept him alive for many more years that a normal person. One day he found himself wondering in the forest only to find a town. A small town, but a town, filled with people with more technology than when he was a child. He ran as fast a he could all the way to the nearest person and yelled at him ''DO YOU KNOW WHAT I HAD TO EAT FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE???? MILK Fcken MILK. AND NOT JUST MILK, MILK FROM COUNTLESS ANIMALS AND THEY DECIDED TO FART IN MY FACE WHENEVER I TRIED TO LIVE FOR ANOTHER DAY. HOW BOUT YOU TY SOME Fcker!!!!!! ''With that he got a leaf the shape of a cup, filled with the milk of many animals in the forest. He poured the milk in the mans mouth and gave him a peace sign and ran naked into the streets stll with his dick and balls out. The man thought to himself ''This isn't that bad'' With that he went to a cow, spent hour's milking it and tested the milk. After years of testing other animals milk he found it. THE PERFECT MILK. All he had to do in not add the milk of the other 400 animals Timmy gave him. He then went on to sell them in shops. People like his product and so it speard worldwide. And so. The very first milk. I bet you're wondering, Who is Timmy? Well i'll tell you what. He's long dead now. And we'll never find out who he is. People stll wonder if he got to his 10,000 day's of fapping challenge complete. He is a legend...... legend with his dick popping out of his pant's.
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